The store was founded by Kelly, based on her love for shoes. Her vision is to deliver quality and fashionable sheepskin boots to Adelaide locals. She had so much faith in this category of shoes that she felt it was essential to expand and introduce new brands to customers. After 2 years, she added a variety of brands to UGGS R US’ portfolio, including renowned international brands UGG AUSTRALIA, EMU AUSTRALIA, MINIJUMBUK, MERINO SNUG, and JELLY CAT.

UGGS R US is a family business promises to provide the best service and best products to every customer that walks into the store. Kelly’s search for quality and fashion shoes has been a foundation of the shop to build a trustworthy reputation in the market.

Currently, with two locations and constant pop-up shops, UGGS R US offers last longing products for the entire family, while supporting Australian brands and the local community.